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 This section is dedicated to THUNDER who departed from us June 2013. He was devoted, loving, and had shared so much of his time with us. Thunder liked to be near and around people and he would gallop from wherever he was to get his apples and carrots. 

Since he was spoiled, he also was very fussy about his sweet feed. It had to be a certain kind or he would push it right out of his feed pan with his nose and walk away from it and waited for his favorite kind. 

The bad news was bound to happen, and this was the year that was!! Thunder died in June, but had he live to Dec. of this year, he would have been 41 years old. 
All of our precious ones, no matter how big or small will always have a place in our hearts and they have a special place for them up above. 



 This is our right hand man computer technician. If for some reason you don't receive our e-mails, this is the first one we turn to for answers.

Binky Bink was found in the middle of a busy highway badly injured.  He was brought to a hospital. The left side of his body was in bad shape.

His ear was crumbled, but the worst was his hip and leg. After he was well enough to leave the hospital, the lady who rescued him gave him to her mother who had him for quite some time.

We took The Bink home because she was selling her home and could not take him with,and now we can't keep this office running without him. 

When the weather gets bad, he limps on his leg.



He is a Cavaliar St Charles Spaniel. He is deaf but he gets along just fine with a few hand signals.

A few years ago we noticed  he was having trouble walking and got confused.

The veterinarian said his one eye and had lost most of his vision but we will try to keep the vision that he has in his other eye.

Seems to be doing as well as he can.

He loves to go on his daily rides, nothing is going to stop him from that

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